Sk:n Range
Smooth bleached board, colour-fast inks, reverse print, gentle touch varnish and silver blocking make these cartons one of our finest on sale in the UK.
Colour Xtreme Hair Art
Vibrant, colourful window cartons, to hold in place 3 cans, attracting a younger market with the funky and eye catching designs. Packing of this product also sourced through us.
Marble Hill
Clean, smooth white back board with a minimal splash of colour, simple but effective.
Asda Truffles and Dainties
Simple rectangular tuck in end cartons with loop holes and colourful loops to match the print, make these cartons stand out.
Mint Crisp Sharing pack
Hexagonal shaped pack, easy to get your hands in to, great to share.
Elizabeth Shaw
Mint Cream Chocolates in an open top, chest style carton.
Elizabeth Shaw
Hexagonal vac forming to fit these mint crisp after dinner mints.
Naked Range
Lovely gloss finish to these bright and colourful giftpacks.
Beautifully Delicious
Both the product and the Packaging!!!
King of Shaves
Cutting edge packaging design on this Azor Male grooming range.
Burnt Sugar 2011
A selection of colourful A-Frame cartons
Burnt Sugar
This Easter Egg and box of fudge in a brightly coloured fitment, make this whole carton the Bees Knees!
Stella Gift Set
Large PET carton, printed on the inside to give that glossy finish, with Vac formings to hold the products securely in place.
Waitrose selection
A variety of confectionery can be found within the crashlock base & tuck top lid of these colourful cartons with a ribbon handle.
Waitrose selection
Long and sleek with window aperture to show the delicious product within.
Ted Baker
Simple tuck-in end cartons still catch your eye with both these male and female fragrances.
Ted Baker
Cubes of fragrance... Each bottle is seen through a window of the same shape on every side of this nifty and quirky little pack.
Colourful inks and foils on the inside of this PET carton, giving a bright and glossy look.
Retro style bag for these Retro sweets
Printed PET stick packs to hold these teddies and cars.
Fashionable style cubes with chocolate raisins enclosed.
James Chocolates
Mosaic bars held in place with this hot pink windowed carton and fitment.
Panetone Boxes
Large boxes in one piece with a neat fastening on the top to hold it all together.
Is it a bird... Is it a plane...? No it's the uniquely shaped flying saucers designed for Sainsbury's.
Cadbury World Egg
Shaped carton with fitments in the top and bottom to hold this beautiful egg in place and a circular window to show it off.
Cadbury World Chocolate Shoe
You shall go to the ball... Or enjoy eating the solid chocolate slipper anyway! Held neatly within this handy PET bag.
Cadbury World
Life size thick Cadbury chocolate football in a carton sturdy enough to hold it.
Cadbury World
Chuckle Beans and Letters in colourful A-Frame cartons.
Thorntons Chocolate Santa
Jolly Santa in a clear PET carton with colourful images printed to the outside and Vac forms top and bottom to hold him in place.
Waitrose Easter Egg
Beautifully presented rigid lid and base, with ribbon & swing tag house this Decorated Belgian Egg.
The Monty Bojangles
Strawberry Bon Bons in shaped carton with ribbon tie.
Marks & Spencer
Windowed lid and base with vac forming to fit this chocolate selection.
Lee Stafford, Arganoil
Bright colours and a nice soft touch varnish give this simple shaped carton the look and feel required.
Thorntons loved the PET cartons made for their 'Love you and Mum' range.
Cradocs Biscuit Selection
Colourful yet simple, tuck in end cartons
Nirvana Spa Bath range
PET carton in brightly coloured print with colourful, made to measure, vac form holding all in place!
Nirvana Spa Body Butters
Square box with window in lid to hold 4 body butters and show them off to their full potential.
Nirvana Spa Lip Butters
Nifty little pack to hold 3 lip butters, all shown through an open aperture.
Belgian Chocolate Egg
Beautifully presented egg and chocolates in this printed clear PET carton with vac form to hold egg open.
Simple Moisturiser
Bright colours, using both a matt and gloss varnish and silver foil... Simple!
Balea Lip Tin
Bright & Quirky hanging pack with built in fitment to prevent spinning and a circular aperture to show the product inside.
Cadbury Pumpkin
Spooky how GREAT this looks! A heavy board carton and fitment housing this seasonal chocolate character!
King of Shaves Value Pack
Savings all round on this presentation carton and vac form, but no reduction on the quality!
Elizabeth Shaw Easter Eggs
A-Frame carton made completely out of cardboard, no plastic, no fitment. A great design helping Elizabeth Shaw to go environmentally friendly.
Waitrose Christmas 2012
This woolly jumper range of cartons really stood out on shelf in those cold winter months.
Waitrose Easter Mini Eggs
Neat little PET cartons, showing off the full product inside.
Christmas Beer packs
Tough Carry packs to take home your favourite beer and branded glass.
Skin Therapy
PET cub cartons with euro hooks and colourful backing cards to match the product.
Nirvana Spa Mum-to-be
Beautiful tray style box with UV spot gloss to make the flowers stand out.
The Shave Doctor
Looking like a doctors bag, this unique glossy carry pack hold 3 x male grooming products.
Postal and presentation box for this new brand of hair products
Avent Maternity products
High white, glossy, tuck in end cartons.
Eye Rock
Board pouches with a matt varnish and Euro hook for hanging display.
Gnaw Chocolates
Large A-Frame cartons with a bite taken out of the flap on the reverse, in keeping with their brand.
Lee Stafford Gift Sets
Closed bag style carton with funky design to hold Hair gifts.
Nirvana Spa Mum-to-be range
Tall and short tuck-in-end cartons, high white board, silver foil, embossing and spot gloss. Great packs.
Nirvana spa all year round
Colourful collection of different sized tuck-in-end cartons, with a smooth matt finish, embossing and spot gloss to make them stand out from the rest.
Medical Cosmetics in high white glossy tuck-in-end cartons with built in top and bottom fitments.
Sephora 22 Piece
This brightly printed large PET carton, shows how vibrant the colours can be when printed on the inside of a plastic pack, showing that unique glossy finish.
Sephora Ornament

To hang from the tree, this unique PET ornament pack holds one product perfectly, making it a great gift.

Ted Baker
Large Gift box with crashlock base, printed in black and metallic inks with a smooth matt finish.
M&S Penguin
Clever designed carton that pinches in a the top holding the product in place so no need for extra fitments or over packaging.
Azor Hyperglide Razor & cartridge packs
PET cartons housing high white board fitments with a matt laminate and UV spot gloss, giving a luxury look and feel.
Taste The Difference Easter Eggs
And look at the different. Pyramid style PET cartons. with bespoke Vac formings to hold a range of chocolates. With a beautiful gold foil and printed ribbon and tag to each.
This Works Clean skin
Tuck in End cartons with a great print and finish.
Thorntons Easter Eggs
Large PET Cartons with vac forms to hold both eggs and chocolates firmly in place. Great colourful print to all, making them complete show stoppers.


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